Anterior Crutiate Ligament

October 20, 2019

Of all the things that keep you balanced. This one is maybe the most important. The most of which we know  is that perfect balance is mind over matter but you can only fight an off kilter leg for so long. And as a goat... a real Capricorn, stoic and true... you can still do everything you always wanted to, but the effort to achieve it is maybe so much more than a nice relaxing day where a surgeon with stealth of hand cuts open your leg and bores into your bone and installs a fresh new  tendon and nuts and bolts. And somewhere on a stage around 8 years ago I feel that fall over a monitor and a snap of my leg. It will forever be a sad, sad memory. Cheers to science and 9 months of rebuilding my leg and learning how to walk with someone's donated ligament inside of me. I hope the person was a mountain climber and will enjoy me stomping across a stage. A high kick and a pirouette... off to St. Joe's this week, I have a date with a scalpel. I may try putting together this splendid old timey crutch. 



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