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Carnival of Crap

Some people that know me, they read my words, filled with candor and vulgarity, and then they ask, "Are you okay, Charliel?" Makes me wonder if you have ever taken a gander at my music, my lyrics, the stuff that bleeds right from this ghost. Well, let me explain it, I am purging demons through these words. Parts of my life were a carnival of crap I had to wade through and I found my therapy in writing it all out.

Some of us don't have the knack for pen and paper, so I do it for you. I am singing, screaming, letting loose the crass chaos that needs to be heard. To all of you... the ones that society left in a crumpled heap on the floor, I know you, I see you, hell, I am you.

I can't call myself a writer without writing, right? So, roll with the punches.

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