Broke and Famous

I am not that broke and not that famous. However, I have a really nice shop and a lot of music I earn from. I am not the type to take handouts so I have no Patreon or Go Fund Me campaigns. I am a musician and a straight up business person who has worked an ass or two off since leaving the nest as a way too young fledgling who already had a broken wing. I managed to find my way in life after many trials and errors. My music can be found most places you can buy it and hard copy versions are on my shop's website. I also have one of the most interesting shop's in Tacoma, Washington. GlumDrop. I deal in antiques, collectables and oddities. My specialty is vintage Pokemon trading cards. I do not put a lot of stuff on my shop's website, but a variety of random things that are easy and safe to ship. If you want to support an artist and business person such as myself it's not hard to figure out how. Since the days music became a free commodity I have been working hard building many other ways to sustain a happy and balanced life. The shop link will take you away to my virtual shop. You can also visit my music studio if you are lucky enough to work with me on music projects, but that is another story.

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